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Roland Keijser + Luigi Bozzolan (IT)

Carl-Erik Hammaréns Backe Konstepidemin paviljong 8
426 71 Göteborg

Roland Keijser

Roland Keijser, born 9 August 1944 in Mockfjärd, is a Swedish saxophonist living in Uppsala. Keijser grew up in Grängesberg and led the 1960s jazz group The Roland Keijser Quartet. In the 1970s he worked within the progg rock movement, playing on a number of albums with Arbete och Fritid and Bengt Berger, and first became involved in Makrobiotikrörelsen. In 1975 he released his first album in partnership with the traditional fiddle player Anders Rosén, in which he played Swedish folk music on soprano saxophone. Since then he has generally worked to dissolve the boundaries between jazz and folk music, both Swedish and otherwise.

In the early 1990s Keijser began to socialize more frequent with immigrant musicians from North Afri...

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Luigi Bozzolan (IT)