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Chefal (UK)

Chefal, DJ Chefal ot DJ Chef is a DJ that plays Bass, Dubstep, Grime, Hip Hop, Rap, Oldschool Jungle, Oldschool UKG, House and Electro and also loads of other stuff. He's from Croydon, United Kingdom.

He's one of the pioneering DJ's of Dubstep.

Chefal's upfront selection and skills on the decks have led to him djing to all corners off the globe from Vancouver in Canada to Christchurch in New Zealand. Over the last year Chef has been spreading the Dubstep virus from UK towns and cities to major towns and cities all around the world His list is endless, for a Dubstep DJ without a single release in the shops or online this is a unique achievement and is a merit of Chefals DJ skills.

From the early secondary ...

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