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Alexa Dexa (US)

Alexa Dexa is a singer/songwriter and visual artist rooted in the process of reflection and re-imagining. Her fanciful indie electro-pop-tronic concoctions blend edgy vocals, poignant lyrics with catchy hooks, haunting melodies, and dance-worthy beats. (Not to mention a collection of toy instruments that would put many playpens to shame, the most favored of which is her toy piano.) There is a striking duality between the mature content of Alexa Dexa’s songs and the child-like whimsy that they render. She embodies a freedom of spirit and exhibits pure devotion to evocative tunes and unconventional performance.

Breathe me in, Alexa Dexa’s current solo project, focuses on gesamtkuntswerk. It is a total work of art embracing all f...

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