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Instinct of Survival (DE)

Hysterics (US)

There are a few Hysterics.

1) A hardcore punk band from Olympia, WA.
Released a tape in October 2010 and a 6 song 7" EP in November 2011 on M'Lady's Records.

2) An indie, neo-psychedelia rock band from Brooklyn, NY with big pop influences - the Beatles, Beach Boys, Velvet Underground. They released their eponymous debut and played the South by Southwest Music Festival in 2008. Their song, "Mostly Untitled," was featured as a free download of the week on iTunes Japan.

3) 60s garage band that got a bit of attention after their best song, “Everything’s There,” was anthologized on Pebbles, Vol. 7. They had a characteristic organ-guitar sound and snarling, immature teen putdown vocals; a 500-copy reissue...

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Higgs Boson (NO)

There are more than one band with the name Higgs Boson

1) Higgs Boson is an English keyboardist-composer who specialises in an exhilarating and unique form of jazz/world fusion that marries music, art & science.

Higgs' music is inspired by the edges of science, where the imagination starts to take over; the source being an imaginary sub-atomic particle (aka the 'God' particle) associated with the beginning of time! Higgs Boson draws inspiration from the elusive particle of the same name. GoTo

In 1996 Higgs exploded onto the European jazz scene with a critically-acclaimed debut album, which recently received high praise from the likes of Alphonse Mouzon and Tony Levin. In the early 1990'...

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Myteri is a D.I.Y band from Gothenburg/Falkoping/Kristinehamn, Sweden who plays melodic crust. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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