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Trap Them (US)

Trap Them is a grindcore / crust band based in Louisville & Seattle, United States, formed in 2001.

Trap Them's influences include hardcore punk bands, such as Black Flag, Born Against, and Tragedy; metal bands like Dismember and Entombed (whose "buzzsaw" guitar tone create the main guitar sound for Trap Them), and experimental bands like Swans. Ryan McKenney's lyrics tend to deal with issues both personal and political, while recent material has also contained a conceptual element to its lyricism. The group's musical style consists of complex and sometimes discordant guitar work and d-beat and grindcore drumming styles.

Trap Them began as a side-project for Ryan McKenney (former vocalist of Backstabbers Incorporate...

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Haust (NO)

Haust grew up in Notodden in the hills of Norway, in the shadows of hotrod hicks and the black metal crowd surrounding Emperor. Haust never were a part of these groups, but were inevitably infected by the mix of white trash and black metal. The early forms of Haust started in 2001, but it was around the the time of their relocation to Oslo in 2007 things started to pick up, as a part of the Black Hole Crew along with Okkultokrati and Dark Times among others.

After Haust relocated to Oslo they were quickly picked up by Tiger Records’ newly started label Fysisk Format. “Ride the Relapse” from 2008 was actually the very first album that the label released, and with songs like “White Trash Extravaganza” and “Ugly Fucking Oslo” Hau...

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Next Life (NO)

Next Life is a Norwegian hardcore/metal/prog band using the C64 & other vintage computers in their music. Born in 1999.

Hai Nguyen Dinh - Guitar
Tormod Christensen - Keys
Anders Hangård - Drums Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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