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October Tide

October Tide is a melodic death doom metal band founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1994 by Jonas Renkse and Fredrik Norrman (of Katatonia). They released two full-length albums: Rain Without End (recorded in 1995, yet released only in 1997 on Vic Records) and Grey Dawn (1999, originally on Avantgarde, re-issued in 2007 via Peaceville) before disbanding because their "inspiration ran dry" and because Renkse & Norrman decided to fully concentrate on Katatonia instead.

In late 2009 however, despite staunchly refusing the notion of future material for an astounding 11 years, Fred Norrman announced he was leaving Katatonia and had reformed October Tide. Joining him were Tobias Netzell (of In Mourning) on vocals, Robin Bergh on drums a...

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Great Garb

The Memory Returns

The Memory Returns is a metalcore band from Falun, Sweden, established back in 2011 by the vocalist Pontus Dahlin and drummer Max Marcusson.
The band hit the stage with a blast and there are few bands within the scene that can match TMR's energy and intensity live and the material is tailored made to their live performance.
The band's genre has been described as metalcore or post-hardcore. Their sound employs a mix of unclean vocals, clean vocals guitar riffs, melodies and breakdowns.
Musical inspirations for The Memory Returns include acts such as Adept, Parkway Drive, Architects and Thy Art is Murder.

Current lineup
Pontus Dahlin- Vocals
Kristoffer Lindqvist- Rythm Guitar
Gustav Bond- Bass (Simo...

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Linnea Reichbauer

Markus Skoglund