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Dead Soul

Dan Berglund

Two Swedish musicians, a folk singer & the double-bass player:
1. Dan Berglund is an Swedish folk singer and guitarist, born in Helsinki, Finland in 1954. In the 70's he was affiliated with the Swedish Marxist-Leninist communist party (KPML(r)), but in '79 he turned his back on the party. He is most known for his album "En järnarbetares visor", released in 1975. He is still somewhat active and was again popularized when the Swedish left-wing punk/rock band EAK had at least one cover of his songs on each of their releases from the mid-90's to the last in 2000. More on:
2. Dan Berglund is a Swedish jazz double-bassist, former member of the critically acclaimed Swedish jazz trio Esbjörn Sve...

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Marie Selander


There are at least two different bands/artists named Skatan

1) Skatan a metal norwegian band from Oslo

2) skatan a female vocalist from Sweden

for the second one, you can check her myspace here : Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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