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Black Raven (DE)

There is more than one artist with this name.

1) Black Raven - a gothic / folk metal band from Narva, Estonia. Founded by Sinister and Lingren. The desire to become popular has taken an advantage of Sinister’s mind. He decided to create his own band and these ideas were accepted by Lingren. Actually, the history of the band called "Black Raven" started since this moment.

Music of Black Raven, cast by winds of ancient legends, is turned to the celtic motives and epic orchestrations, to the deep male growling-singing and a gentle academic female vocal. Easy melodies and arrangements are accessible for perception for any person. The scenic image of the band is completely in keeping with the music: an Elven princess, a ...

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Rännhola Rockers

Rännhola Rockers comes from Insjön, Dalarna, SWEDEN! They're a rockabilly band.

They have 4 CD's out atm, there will be more. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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