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Nojus (LT)

Singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer Darius Mileris Nojus and drummer Asta M. formed alternative acoustic rock band NOJUS Band in 2001 when both moved to Ireland from Lithuania after band AIRIJA, they were in and recorded 5 albums since 1992, disbanded.
Soon, the two were joined by bassist Widma G. and started touring Ireland, Germany and Lithuania to much popular acclaim.
Still being in band Airija, Nojus recorded two acoustic solo albums "Name" (1998) and "East" (2000).
In 2002 and 2006 respectively, albums "Save" and "Forever" were released in Lithuania.
In 2008 sax, piano and accordion player Lorenas Bucius joined the band.
Acoustic compilation album "Archive" was released in September 2007, which is fo...

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