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Acoustic Chanson Performance


André Wall

André Wall (b. 8th of October 1978 in Västerås, Sweden), is a Swedish-British singer-songwriter, guitarist, piano player and a record-producer. His main genres are folk rock, pop and americana.
He has performed frequently with his backing group, formed in Stockholm and as a singer-songwriter Soloartist in New York, Barcelona, Rome and London since 1999.
He has released 2 studio albums globally, as a soloartist. Dream Away 2002 (2002) and Barcelona Diaries (2009) and 3 singles:
Catalan Theme (2009), Lucy (2010) and This Child (2013)
He is the founding member & composer of the critically acclaimed folk rock and spoken word Duo Invictus,
Invictus have released 3 studio albums globally since 2010. Out of the Ni...

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Norman Wall

Norman Wall was born in Manchester 1942. He moved to London in the mid 1960´s. He used to earn a living by singing at various Nightclubs accompanied by a Piano-player in London, around West End and the Soho area. He sang Crooning-style songs, singing covers from Dean Martin , Perry Como and Frank Sinatra in 1966, 2005

Norman Wall made a debut as a soloartist at the age of 71, with the Jazz-oriented, Chanson Album ” Dreams in the Moonlight” in 2013. The Album was released on the Label ”Little One Creations”(c) and (P) and is distributed globally by the Record company DFR.
The album include songs in the genre of Chanson, Celtic Folk Rock and Mainstream Jazz.
Normans Crooning-style vocals is accompanied by a backing-ar...

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