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Johnny Lima (US)

Whoever said “Rock is Dead!” obviously forgot to mention its demise to Johnny Lima. After hearing his new CD Livin’ Out Loud, it’s clear that Lima sure as hell didn’t get the message. Johnny Lima is back with a new album called Livin' Out Loud, released May 4, 2009. The album showcases a more guitar-oriented approach than Lima's previous releases, or as one critic put it, “12 stunning new songs! His new stuff sounds more dirty, catchier and rougher than everything else before.” Lima spent the last three years lending his production skills to artists like Dirty Penny, Miss Crazy, Diamond Lane and Freakshow (featuring Frankie Banali, Tony Franklin, Jeff LeBar and Markus Allen Christopher), but now he's doing what he does best -- and that's...

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House of Shakira

House Of Shakira are a melodic rock band hailing from Sweden formed in the early 1990’s. Their debut "Lint" hit the stores in 1997 and was nominated best debut album by magazines and e-zines all over Europe. Some magazines went even further in their praises of the band and put "Lint" in the "top-ten list" of debut albums ever.

This standard is common in the HOS story - great reviews, hard work and lots of laughter. The band has been around for fifteen years now and the members are still creative and push themselves to write the best songs in rock n' roll today. Building on the solid foundations laid by “Lint” the band have since released the critically acclaimed follow ups “On The Verge” (1998), “III” (2000), “Live” (2001), ...

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