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Ystad Jazzfestival

John Scofield (US)

John Scofield (born December 26, 1951 in Dayton, Ohio, USA) is a jazz guitarist and composer, who played and eventually collaborated with Miles Davis. A bebop master, Scofield is simultaneously well acquainted with R&B and blues styles which he mixes seamlessly with his jazz playing.

He recorded with Charles Mingus in 1976, and replaced Pat Metheny in Gary Burton's quartet. In autumn 1976 he signed a contract with Enja Records, and he released his first album East Meets West in 1977. In 1979 he formed a trio with Steve Swallow and Adam Nussbaum. He later joined Miles Davis, with whom he remained until 1985.

While still with Davis, he released Electric Outlet (1984). Still Warm (1985) followed after he left Davis's g...

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Abdullah Ibrahim (US)

Abdullah Ibrahim (born 1934, Cape Town, South Africa), formerly known as Adolph Johannes Brand, and as Dollar Brand (from a popular brand of cigarettes), is a South African pianist and composer. His music reflects many of the musical influences of his childhood in the multicultural port areas of Cape Town, ranging from traditional African songs to the gospel of the AME Church and ragas, to more modern jazz and other Western styles. He first received piano lessons at the age of seven, was an avid consumer of jazz records brought by American sailors, and was playing jazz professionally by 1949. In 1959 and 1960, he played alongside Kippie Moeketsi with The Jazz Epistles in Sophiatown before joining the European tour of the musical King Kon...

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Aaron Goldberg

For the Boston-born, New York-based Aaron Goldberg, Worlds is an encyclopedic circumnavigation of his ever-evolving musicality, which began with piano lessons at the age of seven. In high school Aaron got hooked on jazz by Bob Sinicrope of Milton Academy and continued his pursuit with saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi, two master educators. "At first improvisation was a mystery and a puzzle, but soon it became a profound inner and outer journey as life and music entwined." After receiving awards from Berklee School of Music and DownBeat, Aaron left at age 17 for NYC.

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John Taylor

The John Scofield Band (US)

John Scofield Plays the Music of Ray Charles featuring Scofield (guitar), John Benitez (bass), Steve Hass (drums), Gary Versace (keyboards), and Meyer Statham (vocals & trombone). The 13 tracks on That's What I Say, John Scofield's tribute to "The Genius" Ray Charles, range from lesser-known Charles gems to some of his most signature tunes. However, Scofield crafts each tune in his own distinctive style, putting his indelible stamp on every performance. Scofield, a fan of Charles’ since childhood, showcases his well-known guitar mastery as well as his strengths as an arranger and interpreter of song throughout the tribute, particularly in his inventive horn arrangements. You can groove to it on disk, but there's nothing like Scofield and...

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