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Neighborhood Brats (US)

Hailing from San Francisco, Neighborhood Brats bring the classic sound of California punk rock to a new level of intensity and raw energy. Lead by vocalist Jenny Angelillo (the Orphans, Highschool), Neighborhood Brats are fast becoming well-known for insane live shows, belligerent antagonization, catchy hooks and short blasts of Tenderloin-laced punk rock. Backed by George Rager (Fix My Head), Kirk Podell (Neo Cons, Cute Lepers) and Jasmine Watson (Neo Cons, Warm Blood), Neighborhood Brats' music is reminiscent of early Black Flag with an Avengers or VKTMS spike in the jugular. Their first self-titled EP on Modern Action Records was recorded only 2 months into the bands existence and contains re-records of Fast & Loose and Lurking the Lo...

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Nervous Trend (AU)

Prison (DK)

There are several bands with this name; 1. A 90's hardcore band from Orange County in Southern California, who had a split 7 on lost and found with burn. 2. A Queer feminist migrant synth wave band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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