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Uppsala Progressive Rock Festival

Structural Disorder

STRUCTURAL DISORDER is a five-piece progressive metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. The members of the band met at the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm, Sweden during the fall of 2011 and started to write on the the material that turned out to be the EP "A PRELUDE TO INSANITY".
STRUCTURAL DISORDER consists of MARKUS TÄLTH (Guitar/Vocals), HJALMAR BIRGERSSON (Guitar/Vocals), JOHANNES WEST (Accordeon/Vocals),ERIK ARKÖ (Bass/Vocals) och KALLE BJÖRK (Drums).
A PRELUDE TO INSANITY makes the introducing chapters of the story of a man who suffers from a severe psychosis after finding out that he is about to be
a father for the first time in his life. The psychosis manifests itself as a voice that commands the man to kill his pr...

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There are multiple artists with this name:
1) Progressive Rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. The nucleus of the band was formed in 2008, but it took until 2010 for the full band to coalesce. Their debut single Bridges was released on August 20th of that year. In December of 2011, they released the first version of their Christmas song The Twelve Days of of Progmas, which to date has had over 50,000 hits on Youtube.

After a series of unfortunate events, including accidents and some turnover of personnel, the band is back in full force as of fall 2013, preparing for their first live event, at Sweden Prog Fest 2013 and the recording of the debut album Magnitizdat

The full lineup is

Fredrik Cerha: guitar...

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