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Stockholm Rocks

Pretty Maids (DK)

Pretty Maids is a Danish hard rock/heavy metal band formed in Horsens, Denmark, by Ronnie Atkins and Ken Hammer in 1981.

Over the years Pretty Maids have sold hundreds of thousands of records, but have never broken through in a major way. They have supported such well known acts as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Saxon, Nazareth and were also featured at the 1987 German version of Monsters of Rock where Metallica headlined along with Deep Purple.

The new 2006 album "Wake Up to the Real World" shows the band back in former glory. Great hard rock/melodic rock with a metal touch to it. The album includes a cover of Deep Purple's classic gem "Perfect Strangers". Pretty Maids is currently signed to Frontiers Re...

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Brother Firetribe (FI)

Brother Firetribe is an Album Oriented Rock (AOR) band formed in 2002 in Finland. They describe their music as easy going rock. The band was originally called False Metal, but they changed their name to Brother Firetribe; however, the album is called ‘False Metal’.

They take their name from an in-joke as a perfect description for their music is ‘tennis heavy’ and the name of a well known Finnish tennis player Veli Paloheimo translates into English as ‘Brother Firetribe’. The album title ‘False Metal’ comes from a slogan coined by heavy metal group Manowar, ‘Death to False Metal’. It was Rereleased in 2008 as "Break Out"

They released their first album on Spinefarm Records on June 7, 2006. Their next album, “Heart Fu...

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Outloud (FI)

OUTLOUD stands for 3 artists:

1- A 2009 hard rock side project of Firewind members Bob
Katsionis and Mark Cross

2- A Band by Nile Rodgers

3- Thrash Metal band from Canada

4- Hardcore band from Boston

First artist:
Outloud, formed in 2008 featuring Firewind� members Bob Katsionis on Keyboards and lead guitar, Mark Cross on Drums, «ex-Firewind, Helloween, Kingdom Come ....», Chandler Mogel of «Talon» on vocals, Tony Kash on guitar and Sverd on Bass of «Bare Infinity»..

Their highly acclaimed debut album «We’ll rock you to hell and back again» was released in 2009 by Frontiers Records on August 28th in Europe, September 15th in North America and Septemb...

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Vandenberg's Moonkings (NL)

Vandenberg's Moonkings is a band founded by Dutch guitarist Adrian Vandenberg (Whitesnake).

Adrian Vandenberg – Guitar
Jan Hoving – Vocals
Sem Christoffel – Bass
Mart Nijen Es – Drums

Many people thought that he’d said goodbye to music. That he’d retired his guitar. That he’d exclusively applied himself to painting beautiful works of art. But his passion for rock & roll always remained. It was only a matter of time, and that time is now: Adrian Vandenberg is back with a brand new band, Vandenberg’s MoonKings.

The band debuts in February 2014 with a hard rocking album, released worldwide by Mascot Records. Adrian is very happy with his return to the international music scene. “...

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