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The Dagger

There are 2 artists/bands going under the name 'The Dagger':

1. A Swedish classic heavy metal/hard rock band in the style of bands like Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. The band features Fred Estby (drums), Tobias Cristiansson (bass), David Blomqvist (guitars) and Jani Kataja (vocals), who have been active in bands such as DISMEMBER, GRAVE and SIDEBURN. They will release their debute album in june 2014.

2. The Dagger is an American one-man experimental electronic act formed in 2005 by a guy who goes by the pseudonym Kinecent. Often instrumental, some tracks feature the relatively unknown vocalist Merdeath from the group Botastic. Releases have been a collection of demos uploade...

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