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Morbid Angel (US)

Morbid Angel is a death metal band assembled in Tampa, Florida, United States in 1983. They, along with bands like Death, Obituary and Deicide, were crucial in the development of the death metal genre and its standards. Since the band's formation, the band's leader has been guitarist Trey Azagthoth. The band released their first four albums with David Vincent on vocals/bass and Pete Sandoval on drums, before Vincent was replaced by Steve Tucker for the three following albums. Vincent briefly returned for their eighth album in 2011, but was again replaced by Tucker in 2015, with Pete Sandoval being later replaced by Scott Fuller on drums after leaving the band in 2013. The band released their ninth full-length album "Kingdoms Disdained" o...

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A Swedish death metal band formed in 2003 in the town of Everöd, Sweden

Chants of Grim Death - 7" 2004 Blood Harvest Records
Ovations to Putrefaction - mc 2004 Self financed
Curse of the Subconscious - 7" 2005 split with Corrupt, Blood Harvest records
Breed Deadness Blood - Full Length 2008 Blood Harvest records
Necrovation - Full Length 2012 Agonia records.

Anton Wanstadius - Bass (also played live for Swedish death metal band Stench)
Bünger - Drums
Sebastian Gadd - Vocals, Guitar (also played live for Swedish death metal band Stench)
Fredrick Almström - Guitar
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