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Ella Music Festival


The revolution has not been cancelled.

Könsförrädare have conquered many Swedish hearts with a both loud and melodically warm guitar rock. The friends from Sweden dare to grapple with subjects such as gender and norms as well as right and wrong in these politically paralysed days.

Their debut album “Curse All Law” is produced by swedish indie icon Mattias Alkberg and was praised as one of the most promising new records of the year in Sweden. The buzz around the band resulted in a lot of live shows including concerts at major nordic festivals such as Way Out West, Roskilde Festival and by:larm, and as opening act for Glasvegas. Their first single “Raging River” got a lot of radioplay on Swedish national radio. And fi...

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Katharina Nuttall

Katharina Nuttall is an artist, musicproducer and composer living in Stockholm, Sweden. With the album ”This is how I feel” Katharina Nuttall is making her debut as a solo artist! The album will be released on the 25th of April 2007 on her own label Frances Records and distributed in Scandinavia by V2Music. ”This Is How I Feel” offers nine personal songs and a strong version of the New Order classic ”Blue Monday”. The material presents Katharina Nuttall as a wilful artist who succeeds in blending her straightforward lyrics with beautiful melodies that are often punctured by rock and raw elements. Always striking a pose in the melodies, is Katharina’s extensive voice. Whether it lingers deep or floats tenderly high, it is done with the sa...

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Cosmic Blonde