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Marina Heredia (ES)

Marina Heredia is one of the young promises of flamenco. She belongs to the new generation of artists that look at themselves with the old cantaores as a reference, who return to traditionalism. However, at the same time she is a multi-faceted artist who is as happy to perform in Espárrago Rock (a music festival that welcomes all sorts of musical styles, and is held yearly in Granada since 1993), in which she took part in 1998, as she is intervening in an opera (Amore, by Mauricio Sotelo). Likewise, she has worked with musicians who have nothing to do with flamenco: Howie B (the producer for U2, among others), Robbie McIntosh (guitarist for The Pretenders and Paul McCartney), Trevor Morais (who works with Björk) and Elkie Brooks, a white...

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