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Conqueror is a name used more than once:

1) Conqueror was Ryan Forster and James Read. Formed in 1992 in Victoria B.C., the band spear-headed the second generation of Ross Bay War Metal. The music is comprised of drums, vocals and guitar. The music is as violent as it is blunt.

2) Conqueror is an italian progressive rock band that released three albums: "Istinto" (2003), "Storie Fuori dal Tempo" (2005) and "74 Giorni" (2007). Band members who recorded their last album are: Simona Rigano (keyboards and vocals), Tino Nastasi (guitar and bass), Sabrina Rigano (sax and flute), Daniele Bambino (bass guitar) and Natale Russo (drums).

3) Conqueror is a USA straight edge hardcore band form Western Massachusetts.<...

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