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There are at least four artists with this name.

1) Spunk is a free improvisation group that consists of Lene Grenager (cello and various), Kristin Andersen (trumpet and various), Hild Sofie Tafjord (horn and various), Maja Ratkje (vocals and various). H.S. Tafjord and M. Ratkje are also active under the moniker Fe-mail.

2) Spunk is a electro funk group from USA. active in the 1980s. Released one album titled "Tighten It Up" which was mixed by Frankie Knuckles.

3) Spunk is a band from Germany. Members are Petra Torka (vocals), Angela Guhl (guitar), Marion Günther (bass), Anja Kucharski (drums), Sigrun Krüger (flute).

4) Spunk is also a punk rock band from Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia. Members: Dimi...

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