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Trettioåriga Kriget

Trettioåriga Kriget (The Thirty Years' War) formed in 1970 in Saltsjöbaden, a seaside resort southeast of Stockholm. They were all at the time about seventeen years old and still in high school, back then they used the school's main hall for rehearsal. The initial lineup of the band was a six piece with two drummers, from the very beginning the band included Stefan on bass and vocals, Dag on drums and Olle on harmonica. In 1971 a few original members left the band and Robert joined on vocals and guitar. In 1972 Olle quit playing harmonica to concentrate on the lyrics, leaving only Stefan, Dag and Robert handling the instruments. At this point they decided that they needed a guitar player and the band opened up for auditioning, and it was...

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Wasa Express

Kung Tung

KUNG TUNG was a prog-rock/hard blues band that was formed in Stagneliusskolan in Kalmar in the spring of 1974 by Mikael Svanevik [drummer], Per Magnusson [bassist], Anders Helmerson [electric piano] and Peter Bryngelsson from Ragnarök [on lead guitar]. The band debuted with a number of scandalous concerts with lyrics, music and dramatized elements which gave satirical parody of both the establishment and part of the left movement.

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