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Panzer Princess

1999, Dalarna, Sweden
Two guys were listening to Shotgun Messiah and got the idea for a snotty glam/punk/sleaze-band. Tank Hooker and Pär Sundström started writing songs and trying out drummers. The only drummer with the right attitude was Simon LaRue, so he was welcomed to join. At this time, the band name was "Nailed", and the songs were more "metal" than the current collection. Because Tank was not very successful at playing guitar and singing at the same time, the first demo sucked. Pär's other band (Sabaton) was just starting to get more gigs. Simon thought he would soon get sacked anyway, and decided to leave the band. The first edition of Panzer Princess was dead. After a year or so, the band reunited, and continued for a t...

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