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Facial Abuse


There are at least two bands named "Exhale"

1) Exhale was founded in the summer 2004 by guitarist Johan and drummer Gustav. Since both had been raised with Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Nasum and similar grind core-acts they went with the concept “grind is the shit, let’s make some”. After a few rehearsals they went to a studio to record some hard grinding tracks. The studio engineer Ulf took place as a vocalist and Karl was brought in to handle the bass. Three tracks were recorded and finally released as "...die inside" in august the 4th. Late 2004 new bass player Johan is added to the line-up.

Spring 2005 Exhale made a bunch of live performances and recorded a full-length album. After trouble with a Spanish label ...

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A Bondage Gore Grind Massacre from Sweden.
Formed in late 2004 by Martin Schonherr (also in Deranged/Splattered Mermaids). First demo was recorded on Christmas Day 2004, and was released in few copies... One year later RazorRape was reborn and wrote a couple of new songs that appears on a split-CD with Swedish gore grinders Infected Kidneys, released on Goregeous Productions in April 2006.
RazorRape reforms in Summer 2008 and write some new songs. Niklas Lindeke(Carnalist) is recruited as guitar player. RazorRape enters the studio and the EP "Deep Red" was recorded in 15 hours in December 2008, released by Goregeous Productions in February 2009! The EP receives good feedback and RazorRape gets a record ...

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