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Chico Trujillo (CL)

The band was founded in 1999 in Villa Alemana, a small town in central Chile, by members of the band "Lafloripondio", as they returned home from a tour through Germany, The Netherlands, and Austria. Upon his return, Aldo Asenjo aka Macha, began meeting often with his friend Antonio Orellana, just to play guitar and try out ideas. Gradually, in these sessions, they began to compose songs such as, "Cabildo", "Me convertiste en santo" and "Dejame decirte algo" and later, at the beginning of 2000, "Tongoy" and "Maria, ria" .
Later, Tuto Vargas and Juanito Gronemeyer, the bass player and percussionist from "Lafloripondio" respectively, also joined the sessions. This formation developed the foundation for further compositions. Eventually ...

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