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Gazelle Twin (UK)

Gazelle Twin is a solo project of composer / visual artist Elizabeth Bernholz (née Elizabeth Walling) from Brighton, UK, formerly of A Scandal In Bohemia. The project débuted with Gazelle Twin Demo 2009 (2009, self-released), and her latest album is Unflesh (22 Sep 2014, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, UK/EU – and Last Gang, USA/Can/Aus/NZ).

2010–2013 releases include: Changelings (Nov 2010, Something Nothing), I Am Shell I Am Bone (Apr 2011, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray), Men Like Gods (Jul 2011, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray), The Entire City (Jul 2011, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray), The Entire City Remixed (Jun 2012, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray), Mammal EP (Jan 2013, Sugarcane). Mammal included "Heartbeat" (Wire cover) and "I Turn My Arm" (inc' remixes by Kuedo, Clint...

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The Kvb (UK)

Like a hazily remembered dream, U.K. duo the KVB blend reverb-soaked shoegaze with minimalist electronic production to create their delicate and ephemeral sound. Formed in 2010 by Nicholas Wood and Kat Day, the KVB got started with a number of limited cassette and vinyl releases before their first full-length, Always Then, arrived in 2012. Two more albums, Immaterial Visions and Minus One, arrived the following year, Minus One being a proper release of material that had surfaced before in the form of digital downloads and extremely limited cassettes. In 2014, the duo ventured to Brian Jonestown Massacre mastermind Anton Newcombe's Berlin studio to track what would become their Out of Body EP, released later that year on Newcombe's own A ...

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She Past Away (TR)

She Past Away is a dark wave band from Bursa, the opposite shore of the Marmara, formed by Volkan Caner (vocal/guitar) and Idris Akbulut (bass) in 2006. With the live participation of Doruk Ozturkcan in electronic drums, the band was totally shaped by the end of 2009.

Clashing gothic lyrics with buzzsaw guitars, allegedly broken vocals and sensory drum effects, the band evokes the cavernous experiments of darkwave era with the likes of Fields of the Nephilim, The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and Suicide.

After a long demo-recording session, in 2009, the duo joined to Remoov Records in which they began to work on their debut release with Süpermatik.

The common characteristic of their live performances is tha...

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Keluar (UK)

Keluar were a minimal synth / darkwave group formed in Berlin, Germany in 2013 by former Linea Aspera vocalist Zoè Zanias (Alison Lewis) and electronic artist Sid Lamar (Jonas Förster).

The music of Keluar is influenced by industrial / ebm and more experimental in comparison to Linea Aspera. They released 3 EPs: Ennoea (2013), Vitreum (2014), and Panguna (2015). In 2014, they released a compilation album entitled Keluar on Desire Records.

In late 2015, it was announced that Keluar would play their last show. Zoè Zanias moved on to her solo project Zanias. Read more on . User-contributed text is a...

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Rummelsnuff (DE)

Roger Baptist (* 14. Juli 1966 in Großenhain, bekannt als Rummelsnuff) ist ein deutscher Musiker und Texter, der die Stilrichtungen Elektropunk und modernes Arbeiterlied vertritt.
Roger Baptist ist der Sohn einer Musikerfamilie. Seine Mutter ist die Geigenlehrerin Renate Baptist, die im Gerd-Michaelis-Chor sang, bevor sie bei Frank Schöbel Keyboards und Violine spielte. Sein Vater ist der Posaunist Peter Baptist, Bandleiter der Peter-Baptist-Combo, mit der Künstler wie Hartmut Schulze-Gerlach sowie Dieter Birr und Peter Meyer von den Puhdys ihre Karriere begannen. Als Kind und Jugendlicher erhielt er eine Ausbildung zum Fagottisten.
Anfang der 1980er Jahre begann Roger Baptist experimentelle Arbeiten mit alten Keyboards, Mikrop...

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