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Thousand Strong Crew

The Hammer

District Conflict

No Choice

There are more than one group called No Choice:
1) A punk rock band from Wales, UK.
2) A hardcore band from Tacoma, Washington, USA.
3) A straight edge punk band from Serbia. The band name is actually No Choice!.

1) NO CHOICE are a phenomenal punk rock band from Wales, UK, originally formed in 1981 and existing on and off for over 20 years! “Dry River Fishing” is NO CHOICE’s first true album. The band mixes staunch political lyrics with infectious songs that beg you to sing along, all the time directly sincere and without the slightest contrivance. NO CHOICE are the real deal!!


AMP MAGAZINE: ...They are awesome. They mix driving punk a la NAKED RAYGUN, and DILLINGER FOUR, with some...

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