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The Killbilly 5'ers

:: Tale of The Killbilly 5’ers.

In mid 2008 Billy Juan Cent, a former metalhead started to repetedly attack the prominent singer Billy Thoola with ideas of forming some kind of a band. After being annoyed just about a couple of times to many, Billy Thoola sent a textmessage containing the simple, yet powerful lines “We should mix country, southern rock & death. How ‘bout that?”. Boom, and like that the band was formed.

A couple of nights later, at some kind of freebee party for all the not-really-has-been's-cuz-they-were-never-in-people in the town of Växjö, Billy Toola's girlfriend (they are not related) came up with the brilliant idea for a name that ended up as “The Killbilly 5’ers”. They are, after all, Swedish ...

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