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The Spook School (UK)

The Spook School are a four piece band from Edinburgh, Scotland. The name is a reference to the Glasgow School. They met whilst attending the University of Edinburgh. Most of the band have previously been involved in live comedy shows, some of which were performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Their music often gets compared to bands off the C86 compilation, such as The Shop Assistants, as well as The Buzzcocks; however the band also lists David Bowie as an influence.

The band's lyrics explore "gender, sexuality and queer issues" with themes such as "fluidity and the lack of a binary in gender".

Their debut album, released in 2013, is entitled Dress Up because it "relates to the idea of gender being a...

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Don't Cry Shopgirl

Don't Cry Shopgirl is a pop duo from Stockholm, Sweden made up of John Svensson and Astrid Wiezell.

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