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Mr. Death

Mr. Death is a Death metal from Stockholm, Sweden. The members have been around for quite some time. Some of the members have played in legendary bands such as Treblinka, Tiamat and Expulsion. None of these bands are to be confused with Mr. Death though, which is a unique project. The music is straight forward, brutal old school death metal and played in the way we think death metal should be played and sound like.

Mr. Death was born in the beginning of 2007 but shaped up and became a band worth its name in January 2008 when the current line up saw the light. In March 2008 Mr. Death visited the legendary Sunlight Studio and Tomas Skogsberg for a short weekend recording which was to become the demo "Unearthing". Several labels ...

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Let Them Hang

Formed in Gothenburg in 2013, Let Them Hang set out to be a death'n'roll power trio with a sonic wall of sound, a mixture of distortion, groove and intensity.
Drawing inspiration from old-school Death Metal, Punk, Hardcore and Rock'n'Roll, the result comes out as a pummeling assault on the senses.

All the members have previously contributed to the music scene in bands like EF, Mr. Death among others. Even though Let Them Hang is a new band, the experience is there!

They have released two EP's in 2014, to universal acclaim, Sweden's biggest metal magazine, Close Up, said the following "They probably takes the prize of being one of Sweden's grooviest Death Metal-acts". With a DIY approach, the music was recorded ...

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