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1. Exil was a german punk band. Two of the band members are now part of Turbostaat.

2. Exil is a dance band from Slovakia, consisting of Peter Baraník, Ivana Kalajová, Roman Jediný, Tibor Jediný, and Miloš Kralovič.
They released the albums "Go Go!", "I Want You" and "We Can Do It".

3. Exil was founded by Didrich and Alex and joined by JC and Eric. Exil then proceeded to enslave griff.

4. Exil is the result of a long musical relationship between guitarist Bo Thymann and saxofonist Mikko Ettienne. After countless jam- and rehearsal-sessions, the two put together "Exil" to participate in the Danish Jazz Foundations "Young Nordic Jazz Comets" in 2007 - which they won.

Since then the group ha...

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