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Progress Productions


There are at least 4 different artists named Kite:
1) A Swedish synthpop band formed in 2008.
2) A Norwegian hard rock band.
3) A rock band from Barbados.
4) An American rock band formed in 1994.
5) A Korean rock band.


1) Kite - Sweden:

The story of Kite started when Christian Berg (Yvonne, Strip Music) asked Nicklas Stenemo (The Mo, Melody Club) to sing on one of Christian’s instrumental songs. The day after the demo version of ”My girl and I” was finished. They started to make songs at a daily basis in Nicklas’ studio where Christian’s love for monotone synth melted together with Nicklas’ pophits.
One day Nicklas sold...

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Henric de la Cour

An artist with a Dark wave sound with some New wave overtones

After years in the spotlight in acts like Yvonne and Strip Music. It´s now finally time for Henric de la Cour to go solo. The debut album is schedule for release in October 2011. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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There are more than one band called Angst:

1. Angst was an American punk rock band from San Francisco, California, formed in 1980 by brothers Joseph Pope, Jon E. Risk, and drummer Michael Hursey (later replaced by Andy Kaps).

Though Angst played many venues with a wide variety of bands, the majority of their shows locally were within the punk/hardcore scene. Their eclectic mix of punk, country, pop, 60s garage, etc. was not particularly well-received by the strict hardcore audiences of early ‘80s San Francisco. Angst actively sought out and played with many of Los Angeles based SST Records’ bands (Minutemen, Saccharine Trust, Meat Puppets, Black Flag, et al), and in 1984 was signed to the label.


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Wulfband is a Swedish EBM project which shook the world with its debut release and concert in 2014. Longing back to the late 70's and early 80's to bring forth the early industrial and NDW scene from Germany, the band made it sound fresh and powerful with tons of attitude. Can also be fittingly described as the wolf, which sneaks out from the dark and attacks you. But instead of fangs that pierce you their weapon is crushing beats and driving bass lines with aggressive and deranged vocals. Music that rushes, strikes and thrusts until you submit totally.

Signed on Progress Productions, their debut album release resulted in several other concert gigs in Sweden and other requests to play abroad, such as the legendary Familientre...

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Kingdom of Evol

Kingdom of Evol is a joint venture between Per Svensson (sound artis active in Fylkingen) and Freddie Wadling (of Blue For Two, Fläskkvartetten, Cortex and several other famous bands) , Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander (both from noise act Skull Defekts and uncountable other experimental and successful bands and collaborations) and guest starring Leif Elggren (another conceptual artists with many sound projects on his concious).

They released their first, one sided mini LP in april 2012 as "Kingdom of Evol featuring Freddie Wadling" and an album called "Dark Passages * Nocturnal Incidents" is scheduled for release in may 2012. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA Licen...

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