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World music quartet, settled in Madrid, Spain.
Thery're four musicians, all of them young but with plenty of experience. Their music gathers arab, flamenco, celtic and african influences. This results in a intense fusion of instruments and sounds, somehow undefined but with many nuances.

Lineup: Amir John Haddad, Diego Galaz, Pablo Martin Jones, Héctor Tellini. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Amir John Haddad

Amir, born in Freiburg in 1975 (as child of a Palestinian father and Columbian mother), already learned to play the Arabian lute from his father when he was a child. He discovered the world of flamenco when he was a youth, and the teenager was soon discovered by the great master guitarist Pepe Justicia, who took him to Jerez to study with him. Today, Pepe and Amir can often be found together as a duo on the stage. In addition, Amir also studied with the equally famous Enrique de Melchor in Cordoba. The extraordinary talents of Amir were soon discovered by famous dancers (Joaquin Ruiz, Eliseo Parra, Tomasito, etc.) and musicians (Gerardo Nuñez, José Luis Montón, Raimundo Amador and others) on the Iberian peninsula. He has worked on stage ...

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