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The Quakes (US)

The Quakes are a psychobilly band from Buffalo, NY. They were formed in 1986, and were one of the very first American psychobilly bands. They are considered very influential to the current American psychobilly scene, but in the late 80's, there was no scene to speak of in the United States. The Quakes Moved to London to try to find success.

Former members: Paul Roman (vocals, guitar), Rob Peltier (upright bass) and Dave "The Ace" Hoy (drums).
Current members: Paul Roman (vocals, guitar), D.W. Ranch (drums) and Vince Orrexx (Upright Bass).

The Quakes - 1988
Voice of America - 1990
Live in Tokyo - 1991
New Generation - 1993
Quiff Rock - 1995
Last of the Human Beings - 20...

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