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The Space Lady (US)

The Space Lady (aka Suzy Soundz) is San Francisco's most enchanting street musician. Whether on keyboard or accordion, her music stops sidewalk traffic even in this multi-task town. She usually performs wearing a whimsical steel helmet with angel wings, which makes her easy to recognize but belies the credibility of her haunting vocal interpretations of well known songs. The Space Lady, whose real name is Susan Dietrich, made only a full length CD of San Francisco sessions for sale. The disc features Susan performing live on Casio with effects. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Poino (UK)

Poino was a British rock band from London, United Kingdom that formed in 2006.

The band packed together three divergent musical minds and unfurl a fractious monster, heaving with ideas and loaded with possibility. At one moment thunderous and choking, the next disguising calm with a creepy, anxious tension. Since releasing their debut album Moan Loose in 2010 they went on to successfully navigate their pointed mayhem through well over 100 venues up and down the European landscape. Their live show delivered an audiovisual and twisting havoc in spades.

In 2014, Poino, released their second and final album, Bon Ick Voyeur, followed by a European tour and a statement about the split up.

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Linus Vandewolken (BE)