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Ashbury Heights

"Ashbury Heights" is a synthpop duo from Sweden consisting of the dynamic singer/producer/songwriter team of Anders Hagström and Tea F. Thimé.

Originally, the duo consisted of Anders Hagström and Yasmine Uhlin. However, she announced her surprise departure from the band in Hamburg at the last concert of the Out Of line festival tour 2008.

Anders and Yazmine met in November 2005 and, upon discovering that they shared the same musical vision, decided to form a band. Their collaboration soon came to fruition with the release of a 9 track demo entitled "Angora Overdrive" after a very intensive month in the studio.

The second four track demo, "Parliament of Rooks", which was finished in February 2006, had a mo...

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There are several artists called Libra.

1) Libra is a rock band from Santiago, Chile. They formed in 2002 and are best described as modern rock or indie.

2) Libra is a Brazilian dark rock band from Rio de Janeiro.

3) Libra is a Hungarian doom/death metal band spiced with the unique sound of flute from 1995. Albums include: Humanifestation (2007) (Vermin (4:56) ; Calling (4:24) ;Humanifestation (3:31) ; This is hell (6:47) Dreamwander (2003) (Lay me down to rest (8:17) ; War on Earth (4:19)

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