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There at least 3 musicans under the name Stingray.

1. First was a Japanese progressive metal band. They released 3 full length albums and one EP.

2. Secondly a South African rock group formed in Johannesburg in 1979 and best known for their single "Better the Devil You Know", which reached No. 4 of the South Africa charts.

SA band musicians:

Danny Anthill: keyboards, flute
Dennis East: vocals
Mike Pilot: guitars
Shaun Wright: drums (replaced by Wally Cullis in 1981)
Allan Goldswain: keyboards, vocals (not on 'Operation Stingray')
Eddie Boyle: bass (replaced by Gerald "Jiggs" Downing in 1980)Eddie passed away on stage 19 June 2001

3. Stingray is an alias of j...

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