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Daily Planet

There are at least four different groups with the name Daily Planet

1. Swedish synthpop group (1994-1998 and 2014-). They play electronic pop similar to groups like Erasure and Yazoo. They released a few singles and the album "The Tide" (1996). Members of Daily Planet formed the groups La Vogue (1 album) and later Mr Jones Machine (3 albums). Then Daily Planet reunited and released two singles and the album "Two" (2014).

2. Rock band which released the album "Hero" (2002).

3. Daily Planet is a UK Bluegrass / Fusion band. The group features Leon Hunt on banjo and Jamie Mathews on harmonica. Albums are "Clark's Secret" (1996), "The Big Scoop" (1998) and "Live" (2007). Leon Hunt also made a solo album "Miles...

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