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Mattias Hellberg

Erlend Ropstad (NO)

Erlend Ropstad released three albums on the label REC90 between 2006 and 2009. From these albums music was listed on radiostations in Belgium, Spain, Germany and Norway. Music from these albums appeared on movies in Norway (Fritt Vilt/Cold Prey) Spain (8 Citas) and in France (20 seconds of joy) and on tv-commercials in Scotland and Germany and several NorwegianTV-programs. All reviews he has ever recieved has been great!

He has playd on PopKomm Berlin, The Quart Festival, Øya Festival, Eikerapen Roots Festival, Rotterdam International Poetry Festival, Eurosonic Gronningen, Bylarm, BarFly Camden, Support for Teitur (tour), Josh Rouse, Cracker, Thomas Dybdahl (tour), The National Bank (tour), My Brightest Diamond (tour) and a eu...

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