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Street Vibe's


There are two artists by this name:

1. Leftside is a popular Jamaican dancehall deejay (rapper) and producer, renown for his alter-ego "Dr Evil" and the work with his former partner Esco.
As a solo artist, he's had hits with "Dem Gone" and "Cowboy". As the duo Leftside & Esco, he performed the vocals on the smash hit "Belly Nug Bang (Tuck In Yu Belly)", and as the persona Dr Evil (also with Esco) he made the dancehall charts with "More Punanny", "No STD" and "Stay Far From We".
Most recently he has collaborated with artists Blak Diamon, Bugle, and Konshens for the radio hit "Forget The World".
All tracks performed by Leftside both solo and with Esco were produced by himself, and alongside Esco when they were a ...

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