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Rock Against Cancer



1- Polish death metal band.


1998 DECEPTION is created by Aggareth (git.) and August (drums). The band's inspiration are death metal gods Morbid Angel, Obituary, Nocturnus, Death and Incantation.
2001 The band records its first demo, "Age of Suffering", in Hertz Studio. Deather (bass/vox) joins the band.
2002 Second demo - "Holy Deception" is recorded in Hertz Studio.
2003 Permanent Torment, a compilation CD consisting of two previous demos, is released through Czech's Nice To Eat Your Rec.
2004 First album "Nuclear Wind" is recorded in Screw Factory Studio. Released by RedRum666 Rec. from Poland. In november an „EXTREME BLAST ATTACK TOUR” with Effect Murder and Saamath Naur
2005 Th...

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