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Petter Wettre (NO)

Petter Wettre has since the early ninetees established himself as one of Norway`s most important performers on the tenor saxophone. As a Berklee Graduate, Petter returned to the Norwegian jazz scene in 92. Since then he has released 14 albums, of which 9 on his own label; “Household Records”, (est. 2003). His breakethrough came as a representative in the EBU Orchestra i Prague – 95. In 96 he released his first album; “Pig Virus”, which earned him a Norwegian Grammy nomination. A five time nominee, the latest in 2007, Petter won the prestigious price both in 2000 and 2007 for the albums; “The only way to travel”, and “Fountain of Youth”.
Petter Wettre is probably best known for his collaboration with Jarle Vespestad and Ingebrigt Fl...

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Carl Winther

Carl Winther Trio, introduces one of the most talented young pianist ever to emerge from the Scandinavian Jazzscene. Up-and-Coming, 25-year-old Carl Winther has cut his teeth on jamsessions in his hometown Copenhagen in Denmark, a town known for its love for jazz with international stars performing on regular basis.

Despite his young age, Carl Winther, has a mature way of making music where he takes his time to tell his story. With a dazzling technique and a beautiful touch he can handle an impressing palette of emotional moods. He is from a musical family and has gotten his education both streetwise through jamsessions and gigs and also academic at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.

His style reminiscen...

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Daniel Franck

Sebastien Ågren

Daniel Fredriksson