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There are several musicians and bands called Malaika.

1) Malaika LeRae Sallard, an R&B and house music artist who released the album Sugar Time in 1993. The album produced two hits on the Billboard Dance Charts - "So Much Love" (#5) and "Gotta Know (Your Name)" (#1).

2) A well known group is the South African. Afro-pop trio Malaika consisting of Jabulani Herald Ndaba, Matshediso Florence Mholo and Bongani Kevin Nchang. It was conceived with an inalienable contribution of one of South Africa’s most under-utilised producers of Kwaito Godfrey “Guffy” Pilane.

Malaika testifies to the power of three: the trio, generally possessing peerless elemental power in the history of pop music, consists of Bongani Ncha...

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