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Typ som en fest


It is when the old crosses over to the new, the interesting ideas take shape, that are to sum up and bring forth the essence of what has been and what is to be, and give it a synthetic feel.
Roenik are to be the band we will want to remember when thinking back to the early days of the new millennium. Cornered between the luscious old amplifiers and instruments you will find sounds of fairy tales, synthezisers and distorted crystal glasses all of which gives the rock a new more beautiful dimension.
On the EP Unique the secret track Regn & Brus exemplifies the bands lust for experimenting, and the spot on popsong, the single We could have been managed to find its place on both number 18th and 19th on the singlecharts (Hitlistan)....

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Den Stora Vilan



Slowgold is the Swedish songwriter Amanda Werne, who with a number of friends recorded the self-titled debut in 2012.

At age 16, she began writing songs for real, since then the music career just rolled on. Amanda Werne was born and raised in Gothenburg.
Her music contains elements of psychedelic jazz, electrofolk and a breath experimental that topped off with a soulful voice.

Amanda, 26, started playing the violin when she was seven years old and has "always sung." In addition, she mastered the piano, guitar and harmonica. In high school, she formed her first band 'The Rocket Machine' named after a Bob Hund song of the same name. Then it became rather calm around her, but she pulled herself together and asked...

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