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Lillian Boutté (US)

Lillian Theresa Boutté is one of the most versatile traditional jazz singers, who excels in the performance of gospel, blues, ballads, and rhythm-and-blues.

Her ability to adapt to many different styles has had her compared to such greats as Bessie Smith, Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday, "Big Mama" Thornton, Aretha Franklin and Mahalia Jackson.

Her close friend and associate Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of her: "A voice like this comes once in a millenium".

Born 6 August 1949 in New Orleans, where she grew up with ten brothers and sisters. She is a hairdresser by profession. Mother Gloria Boutté (hairdresser). Father George Boutté, (supervisor at a postoffice, barber).

She was a member of th...

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