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Lost Souls

1) English Psychobilly.

2) Industrial/Thrash-Metal Band from Sweden, has been active 1991-1998. They released 3 albums: Never Promised You A Rosegarden (1994), Closeyoureyesanditwonthurt (1996) and Fracture (1998). After their split-up they reformed 2000 as Inrage.

3) UK Hip-hop group that featured emcees Witchdoctor Wise, HP and Dan Fresh as well as others.

4) Hip-Hop ensemble made up of members from across the United States but based in Utah.

The American Hip-Hop group 'the Lost Souls' had its origins in Pittsburgh, PA in the mid 1990s as a two man group made up of Smokey Gripp and Buck Fiddy. Smokey Gripp enlisted in the US Air Force in 2000 and was stationed in Hill AFB, Utah in 2001. While...

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