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Dear Euphoria

Dear Euphoria is the musical alias of Elina Johansson in close collaboration with the producer and steady band member Sven Johansson (though having the same surname, they're not related). The new EP THIS NIGHT WILL FLEE catches up the angstridden feeling from last year's gloomy LP HEAL MY VIOLENCE, and turns it into a sigh of hope, even almost closing in to happiness.

Sounding more homogenic than ever, with a minimalistic nerv and a rough edge, this EP adds a new side to Dear Euphoria's music. Elina and Sven have both deepen their expression and widen the sounds. The new songs' noticeably increased "pop-catchiness" nods both to sound of the 80's and onto contemporary indie stuff such as The XX, Joanna Newsome, The National and...

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