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Lavemangsmugglarna (Enema Smugglers) was a band from Kristianstad, Sweden, active through the years 1996-2001. Marked by their time, they were influenced by Swedish alternative pop- and rock acts of the 90's such as The Wannadies, The Nooners, Dipper, Brainpool, The Mopeds, Bob Hund, Broder Daniel, The Souls, Popsicle and Jumper. Various styles of metal was also an inspiration that was not seldom revealed in their songs as contrastive parts. This, along with a sense of ironic humour, created their sound. However, the band was often "accused" for playing happy punkrock which they rejected. Lavemangsmugglarna put out three self-released cassette tapes: "Syntetisk Resa", "Pegasus" and "Rules", one full-length CD with the misleading title "L...

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