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GODHATE, formerly known as Throneaeon, have managed to keep the flame of death metal burning for more than a decade. Formed in 1991, the band held the world waiting until 1995 when the first demo was unleashed upon mankind. And from this first mark of existence they have managed to impress the death metal world with every new (two studio albums, two MCD's, various demos...) release, for the unholy years bear the stamp of high quality. The band has lost many members and gained many new ones, but their grasp on death metal has never lost an inch of it's omnient brutality and originality.

Godhate's branch of christhating, unholy death metal is all that is old school and brutal, without losing musical integrity, skills and filthy ...

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Anachronaeon started as Human Failure in the year 2002, consisting of Andreas Åkerlind on drums and Patrik Carlsson on guitars, bass, vocals, keys. They rehearsed and recorded ten songs in ten rehearsals. That became the "Human Failure"-demo.

The band then decided to make more serious music, and really work through the compositions. In 2003 Anachronaeon was born, and with "Tales from a hollow eternity" the new path was trampled. In 2004 the band consisted of three members (Mac was second guitarrist back then).

The three recorded the "As the last human spot in me dies" cd (2004) and actually performed a live gig (the only one EVER!) as opening act for Katatonia. Live Kalle Ullbrandt helped with bassduties, but was ...

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