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Ebola-gala: Göt A Smile (Got A Smile)

Seckou Keita

Intriguing” Guardian ****
”Fantastic” Weekend Australian ****
” A “ gem” Jazzwise ****
Kora that rocks” Montreal Gazette
“The Hendrix of the Kora” Music News

With a big African Heart, virtuoso kora player Seckou Keita and his international quintet are not to be confined to any one genre, dipping comfortably in and out of jazz, classical, Flamenco, with sometimes hints of rock and reggae. They take us on a musical journey of imagination and human emotions. Their superb musicianship, dexterity and diversity have transported audiences from any walk of life to places they had never imagined they would go. Together, they never fail to impress.

Imagine, if you will, five musicians. They are each unique...

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